Ejecting Crown Winchester M1300 Defender

Dominant of the design of the crown M1300 Defender is the 4 mm wide slit in the axis of the crown between two clamping screws.

The requirement in the development was to keep the front sight on the muzzle. During assembly, unscrew the first clamping screw M4 and the crown is placed over the muzzle of the shotgun. After instalation, the front sight must be between two clamping bolts so that it doesn´t touch even one screw and doesn´t impose unnecessary resistence during subsequent screwing. Fixed clamping of crown is performed gradually and alternately tightening of both screws.

The teeth of the crown have a beveled shape from the inner side. This allows to regrind teeth if need be without changing the external shape of the tooth.

Technical data:

  • Length: 70 mm
  • Outer diameter: 35 mm
  • Clamping diameter: 22,8 mm
  • Weight: 177 g
  • Material: tempered steel
  • Surface finish: sandblasted, alkaline oxidized

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